Hollister, San Benito, California



City/Town : Latitude: 36.856679, Longitude: -121.40207


Matches 1 to 73 of 73

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ?, Myrtle R  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I2036
2 AUSTIN, Amy Lucretia  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I694
3 AUSTIN, Charlotte Amanda  1930Hollister, San Benito, California I169
4 AUSTIN, Charlotte Amanda  1930Hollister, San Benito, California I169
5 AUSTIN, Clifford La Verne  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I645
6 AUSTIN, Clifford La Verne  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I645
7 AUSTIN, Clifford La Verne  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I645
8 AUSTIN, Conover Rue  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I168
9 AUSTIN, George Henry  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I646
10 AUSTIN, George Henry  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I646
11 AUSTIN, George Washington  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I172
12 AUSTIN, George Washington  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I172
13 AUSTIN, Grace Alma  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I167
14 AUSTIN, Grace Alma  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I167
15 AUSTIN, Grace Alma  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I167
16 AUSTIN, Grace Alma  1930Hollister, San Benito, California I167
17 AUSTIN, Selma Emeline  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I170
18 AUSTIN, Selma Emeline  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I170
19 BUCKLEY, Cecil W  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I2030
20 BUCKLEY, Cecil W  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I2030
21 DRYDEN, Fay Ross  1930Hollister, San Benito, California I614
22 DRYDEN, Flora Helen  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I350
23 DRYDEN, Flora Helen  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I350
24 DRYDEN, Flora Helen  1930Hollister, San Benito, California I350
25 DRYDEN, Nathaniel Legget  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I611
26 DRYDEN, Nathaniel Legget  1930Hollister, San Benito, California I611
27 EBI, Alice May  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I1295
28 EBI, Alvin Dryden  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I166
29 EBI, Alvin Dryden  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I166
30 EBI, Alvin Dryden  1930Hollister, San Benito, California I166
31 EBI, Earl A  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I612
32 EBI, James Archer  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I351
33 EBI, James Hiram  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I1291
34 EBI, Usual Augustus  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I349
35 EBI, Usual Augustus  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I349
36 EBI, Usual Augustus  1930Hollister, San Benito, California I349
37 EBI, Vivian Irene  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I127
38 EBI, Vivian Irene  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I127
39 EBY, Bernice Inez  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I613
40 GARNER, Lester Gail  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I1662
41 GARNER, Lester Gail  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I1662
42 GARNER, Lester V   I2037
43 GARNER, Willard L  1930Hollister, San Benito, California I2039
44 GARNER, Willard Lee  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I1663
45 GARNER, Willard Lee  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I1663
46 GARNER, Willard Lee  1930Hollister, San Benito, California I1663
47 GARNER, William Henry  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I1239
48 GARNER, William Henry  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I1239
49 HALLER, Otto Franklin  1930Hollister, San Benito, California I1282
50 HUNT, Zelphia Jane  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I1296
51 KEARNEY, James A  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I2092
52 KEARNEY, Mabel A  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I2093
53 LIPSCOMBE, Florence Isabel  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I596
54 LIPSCOMBE, Florence Isabel  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I596
55 MAGGINNI, Addie Eugenia  1930Hollister, San Benito, California I2038
56 MANAHAN, Nevada Florence  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I2091
57 MANAHAN, Nevada Florence  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I2091
58 MANAHAN, Nevada Florence  1930Hollister, San Benito, California I2091
59 NEWTON, Lora A  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I615
60 RUE, Anna Marie  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I173
61 RUE, Anna Marie  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I173
62 RUE, Anna Marie  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I173
63 RUE, Anna Marie  1930Hollister, San Benito, California I173
64 RUE, Lucy A  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I1238
65 RUE, Olive Esalia  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I1240
66 RUE, Olive Esalia  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I1240
67 RUE, Olive Esalia  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I1240
68 SERLES, Logan Wellington  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I1235
69 STEWART, Sarah Ann  1900Hollister, San Benito, California I176
70 STEWART, Sarah Ann  1910Hollister, San Benito, California I176
71 STEWART, Sarah Ann  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I176
72 YOUNGER, Charles Bradford  1920Hollister, San Benito, California I1825
73 YOUNGER, Charles Bradford  1930Hollister, San Benito, California I1825