BYRNE,  Walter Fernald

BYRNE, Walter Fernald

Male 1909 - 1924  (15 years)


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Barbara, Miriam, Gilbert, Louise, Fernald, and John Byrne

DateAbt 1920
PlaceSanta Cruz, CA
File nameGilbert, Miriam, Louise, Fernald, Barbara, and John Byrne.jpg
File Size46.45k
Dimensions980 x 676
KeywordsMiriam Byrne
KeywordsBarbara Byrne
KeywordsLouise Byrne
KeywordsGilbert Byrne
Keywords(Walter) Fernald Byrne
KeywordsJohn D Byrne
Linked toFamily: BYRNE/DRENNAN (F58); BYRNE, Barbara; BYRNE, Gilbert Griffing; BYRNE, John Drennan; BYRNE, Louise; BYRNE, Miriam; BYRNE, Walter Fernald
AlbumsJohn Byrne Descendants, Renald Fernald and Descendants

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