New York, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 40.7143528, Longitude: -74.0059731


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Charlotte  May 1868New York, USA I3675
2 Ida M  1843New York, USA I3641
3 ?, Susan  1795New York, USA I2927
4 BARTEAU, Edward M  1865New York, USA I3636
5 BARTEAU, Frank Wilson  25 Aug 1895New York, USA I3637
6 BARTEAU, Mary J  Abt 1869New York, USA I3642
7 BYRNE, Clara N  Sep 1878New York, USA I3168
8 BYRNE, Edith  May 1888New York, USA I3170
9 BYRNE, Ella  Feb 1886New York, USA I3169
10 BYRNE, John C  Feb 1873New York, USA I3167
11 BYRNE, Joseph  Dec 1892New York, USA I3171
12 CARROLL, William  Apr 1876New York, USA I3971
13 CLARK, Eliza Jane  26 Jul 1836New York, USA I2633
14 COLES, Addison  Abt 1852New York, USA I3604
15 COLES, Amelia  Abt 1861New York, USA I3607
16 COLES, John Hewlett  31 Aug 1877New York, USA I1412
17 COLES, Mary  Apr 1869New York, USA I3562
18 CORWIN, Chester  1859New York, USA I3648
19 CORWIN, Edna  1861New York, USA I3649
20 COWELL, Joseph  17 Apr 1793New York, USA I2926
21 DRAEGERT, George  Oct 1868New York, USA I3373
22 DURAND, Susan  Abt 1829New York, USA I2864
23 GRIFFEN, Charles  Abt 1831New York, USA I3620
24 GRIFFEN, Edith  Abt 1863New York, USA I3655
25 GRIFFEN, Elizabeth  Feb 1853New York, USA I3650
26 GRIFFEN, Hannah  Abt 1851New York, USA I3652
27 GRIFFEN, Henry  1825New York, USA I3618
28 GRIFFING, Anna  Abt 1855New York, USA I3621
29 HAVILAND, James S  Jul 1849New York, USA I3651
30 HAVILAND, Louise E  Abt 1876New York, USA I3653
31 LOVE, George W  1823New York, USA I2138
32 LYON, Dorrill  New York, USA I3152
33 LYON, Eliza Ann  16 May 1815New York, USA I3151
34 MERCY  21 Sep 1772New York, USA I2112
35 MOSHER, Alice Jane  24 Nov 1838New York, USA I2639
36 MOSHER, Benjamin G  27 May 1809New York, USA I3154
37 POMEROY, James  1839New York, USA I2786
38 RAYNOR, Edward B  Abt 1861New York, USA I3643
39 SERLES, Milan  1797New York, USA I2062
40 TITUS, Eleanor Coles  Aug 1890New York, USA I3565
41 VALENTINE, Elizabeth  1823New York, USA I3615
42 VALENTINE, Martha  Feb 1825New York, USA I3617
43 VALENTINE, Sarah A  Abt 1830New York, USA I3619
44 WALKER, Richard  Abt 1856New York, USA I3656
45 WHITE, Thomas B  27 Apr 1828New York, USA I2902
46 WINSLOW, Eliza  New York, USA I3153
47 WINTRINGHAM, Helen E  Abt 1863New York, USA I3674
48 WINTRINGHAM, Jeremiah  Abt 1816New York, USA I3616


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARTEAU / NORTON  1834New York, USA F983