Hollister, San Benito, CA



City/Town : Latitude: 36.856679, Longitude: -121.40207


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AUSTIN, Charlotte Amanda  17 Sep 1875Hollister, San Benito, CA I169
2 AUSTIN, Grace Alma  30 Sep 1885Hollister, San Benito, CA I167
3 AUSTIN, Selma Emeline  1 Jan 1881Hollister, San Benito, CA I170
4 BUCKLEY, Cecil W  16 Oct 1897Hollister, San Benito, CA I2030
5 EBI, Alice May  21 Sep 1880Hollister, San Benito, CA I1295
6 EBI, Vivian Irene  19 Nov 1907Hollister, San Benito, CA I127
7 FROST, James Harvey  19 Jun 1886Hollister, San Benito, CA I2014
8 GARNER, Lester Gail  29 Aug 1887Hollister, San Benito, CA I1662


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AUSTIN, George Washington  14 Mar 1925Hollister, San Benito, CA I172
2 AUSTIN, Grace Alma  21 Jun 1986Hollister, San Benito, CA I167
3 HALLER, Otto Franklin  23 May 1976Hollister, San Benito, CA I1282
4 HUNT, Zelphia Jane  6 Jun 1900Hollister, San Benito, CA I1296
5 MANAHAN, Larkin  30 Jan 1888Hollister, San Benito, CA I1297
6 MAXWELL, Sarah A  1902Hollister, San Benito, CA I358
7 RUE, Anna Marie  11 Oct 1938Hollister, San Benito, CA I173
8 RUE, Garrett C.  14 Jul 1890Hollister, San Benito, CA I175
9 RUE, Lucy A  7 Dec 1900Hollister, San Benito, CA I1238
10 STEWART, Sarah Ann  15 Jan 1932Hollister, San Benito, CA I176


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 AUSTIN, Conover Rue  1916Hollister, San Benito, CA I168
2 AUSTIN, George Washington  1898Hollister, San Benito, CA I172
3 AUSTIN, George Washington  1916Hollister, San Benito, CA I172
4 AUSTIN, Grace Alma  1916Hollister, San Benito, CA I167
5 DRYDEN, Flora Helen  1916Hollister, San Benito, CA I350
6 EBI, Alvin Dryden  1916Hollister, San Benito, CA I166
7 EBI, James Archer  1906Hollister, San Benito, CA I351
8 EBI, Usual Augustus  1916Hollister, San Benito, CA I349
9 LIPSCOMBE, Florence Isabel  1916Hollister, San Benito, CA I596
10 RUE, Anna Marie  1916Hollister, San Benito, CA I173
11 STEWART, Sarah Ann  1916Hollister, San Benito, CA I176


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ASH / RUE  9 May 1903Hollister, San Benito, CA F757
2 SERLES / RUE  9 Sep 1883Hollister, San Benito, CA F532