How fear and loathing of I5 led to a San Francisco Chronicle travel piece

There are uglier and more boring roads in California than Interstate 5, but none that I travel on a regular basis.  So the prospect this past summer of another jaunt to LA via that well-traveled corridor populated by truck convoys and manic Lincoln Navigators was more than I could bear.

It was at this point that Nanette challenged me to find a new north-south alternative, well aware she was in for a better trip if I was in a more pleasant state of mind behind the wheel.  We’d long since worn through the coast-hugging novelty of Hwys 1 and 101, even going out of our way to explore older side roads that provided a glimpse into life in early-mid 20th century California.  It was time to find something new further inland.

Pine Mountain Summit, CA SR 33

Coming down from Pine Mountain Summit

I had only known about SR 33 as a freeway out of Ventura towards Ojai, and was under the mistaken impression it petered out somewhere in the mountains before reaching the San Joaquin Valley.  Actually, SR 33 peters out just south of Tracy, which was good enough for us to give it a go.

We ended up having a great adventure, and cataloged some of the high points for a piece that appeared in the Travel section of the San Francisco Chronicle.  I’ve included some photos from the trip in this post, and you can read the full article at SF Gate.



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