Falling For the Pulliams

Great Moments in Journalism Splat! That’s all I could think of when I saw the grainy newspaper photo from 75+ years ago.  The image accompanied the unfortunate (and somewhat disturbing) story of the death of Roy Pulliam, a distant first cousin (3x removed). Having spent most of his life in and around Fresno, Cousin Roy … Read more

The Story of Byrne Bros Hardware, Pt. 1

Byrne Bros Hardware, 46 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA

First of a three-part history of Byrne Bros Hardware in Santa Cruz, CA  An email arrived recently from an unfamiliar address, containing a photo of an old piece of wood.  But unlike 90% of my ByrneFamily.net inbox these days, this was neither spam nor a phishing project, but a delightful relic of long defunct Byrne … Read more