Fernald Byrne’s deadly roller coaster ride

Giant Dipper roller coaster

Families are chock full of colorful characters, legends and tragedies. In our family, we have a famous science fiction writer, a skyjacker, Mayflower passengers, Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers, the founder of Brooklyn and many others. Genealogy research has its quotient of humble-bragging, and famous relatives and/or¬†salacious tales are simply grist for the… Read more“Fernald Byrne’s deadly roller coaster ride”

Ryland Drennan and the siren song of the sea

For many years, my grandparents dedicated a wall in their Santa Cruz home to old family photos. ¬†They were mostly run-of-the-mill portraits and snapshots of aunts and uncles, with the notable exception of a blurry image of a dapper man in a white uniform, standing on the deck of a ship, circa 1920…. Read more“Ryland Drennan and the siren song of the sea”