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Country : Latitude: 61.10078883158897, Longitude: 78.75


Matches 1 to 69 of 69

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASIMOV, Daughter  Abt 1885Russia I73
2 ASIMOV, Dvosja  Abt 1901Russia I10
3 ASIMOV, Ephraim (Afoim) (Avram)  1907Russia I8
4 ASIMOV, Judah  Abt 1860Russia I33
5 ASIMOV, Tamara   I910
6 ASIMOV, Vele  Abt 1875Russia I65
7 BERMAN, David  Abt 1878Russia I22
8 BERMAN, Husband  Abt 1825Russia I79
9 BERMAN, Michael (Misha)  Abt 1922Russia I35
10 BERMAN, Unknown daughter  Abt 1877Russia I85
11 HERSHFIELD, Anna  Abt 1882Russia I739
12 HERSHFIELD, Benjamin  1854Russia I1460
13 HERSHFIELD, Clara  1878Russia I1463
14 HERSHFIELD, Elizabeth (Lea)  6 May 1886Russia I1469
15 HERSHFIELD, Eva  Abt 1875Russia I793
16 INDENBAUM, Oma  1911Russia I728
17 JAKOBOVICH, Lelja  Abt 1900Russia I931
18 JAKOBOVICH, Leon   I935
19 KALINSKY, Joseph  Abt 1877Russia I744
20 KALINSKY, Laika (Lilly)  Abt 1885Russia I745
21 KALINSKY, Max  Abt 1890Russia I747
22 KARSHMER, Dr. Louis P.  Abt 1896Russia I760
23 KATZ, David  Abt 1925Russia I377
24 KATZ, Marianna DOMNIKOVA   I907
25 KATZ, Sofia  Abt 1927Russia I378
26 LEIKIN, Husband  Abt 1850Russia I12
27 LEIKIN, Isaac  Abt 1903Russia I18
28 LEON, Rebecca "Bess"  1895Russia I783
29 MALKIN, ?  Russia I916
30 MALKIN, Samuel (Semen)  Russia I917
31 MALY, Leon  1887Russia I773
32 MALY, Selig  Abt 1865Russia I5162
33 MENDELEVA, Rochlya  1802Russia I416
34 MICHELEVA, Ita  1830Russia I71
35 OREL, Faege  Abt 1854Russia I1459
36 PEARLIN, Nathan  Abt 1885Russia I741
37 PENKAUROR, Sophie  Abt 1865Russia I5159
38 POLIANKOVSKY, Child  Abt 1841Russia I1823
39 POLIANKOVSKY, Max  Abt 1865Russia I1824
40 POLLAKOFF, Froike  Abt 1895Russia I772
41 RABINOWITZ, Ester  Abt 1865Russia I5161
42 RECHITS, Daughter  Abt 1935Russia I37
43 RECHITS, Son   I38
44 RUBINSTEIN, Serafima  Abt 1895Russia I937
45 SCHEINER, Fanny  Abt 1887Russia I781
46 SCHINDER, Broche (Bertha)  Abt 1890Russia I750
47 SCHINDER, Issachar  Abt 1856Russia I1680
48 SCHINDER, Paya  Abt 1858Russia I733
49 SCHINDER, Raul  Abt 1890Russia I749
50 SCHINDER, Sheiky Jordan  Abt 1890Russia I751
51 SCHINDER (SHEINAUS), "Mima" Fayga  Abt 1880Russia I732
52 SHEINAUS, Esther  Jul 1887Russia I735
53 SHEINHOUSE, Rebecca  Abt 1830Russia I2948
54 SHEPSHELEVA, Sosya  1827Russia I61
55 SHMULEVITCH, Samson  Abt 1890Russia I938
56 SITKIN, Harry  Russia I4488
57 SITKIN, Louis  14 May 1911Russia I803
58 SPRINGBERG, Nathan  Abt 1830Russia I2947
59 UNKNOWN, Benjamin  Abt 1875Russia I752
60 UNKNOWN, Chaya  1774Russia I78
61 UNKNOWN, Leah  Abt 1870Russia I870
62 UNKNOWN, Misha  Russia I933
63 UNKNOWN, Sarah  Abt 1875Russia I753
64 UNKNOWN, Tamara  Abt 1870Russia I21
65 UNKNOWN, Wife  Russia I80
66 UNKNOWN, Wife  Abt 1830Russia I72
67 UNKNOWN, Wife  Abt 1850Russia I75
68 UNKNOWN, Wife  Abt 1850Russia I81
69 UNKNOWN, Wife  Abt 1860Russia I74


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ASIMOV, Judah  Russia I1
2 ASIMOV, Judah  Russia I33
3 ASIMOV, Mendel  1916Russia I23
4 ASIMOV, Moses Jacob  Abt 1905Russia I14
5 ASIMOV, Rachel  Abt 1939Russia I9
6 ASIMOV, Vele  Abt 1944Russia I65
7 ASIMOV, Wolf  1847Russia I77
8 BERMAN, David  Russia I22
9 BERMAN, Grigory (Girsh)  Russia I82
10 BERMAN, Husband  Russia I79
11 BERMAN, Mordecai  Russia I55
12 BERMAN, Natan  Russia I83
13 BERMAN, Unknown daughter  Russia I85
14 BERMAN, Unknown son  Russia I84
15 KATZ, David  1998Russia I377
16 KONSTANTINOVICH, Sergei  2021Russia I1820
17 LEIKIN, Husband  Russia I12
18 LEIKIN, Isaac  Abt 1944Russia I18
19 MENDELEVA, Rochlya  Russia I416
20 POLLAKOFF, Shoile (or Shaul)  Russia I769
21 SHEINHOUSE, Rebecca  Russia I2948
22 SPRINGBERG, Nathan  Russia I2947
23 UNKNOWN, Chaya  Russia I78
24 UNKNOWN, Tamara  Russia I21
25 UNKNOWN, Wife  Russia I72
26 UNKNOWN, Wife  Russia I80


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 ASIMOV, Abraham Ber  Russia I2
2 ASIMOV, Judah  Russia I1
3 ASIMOV, Moses Jacob  Russia I14


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LERNER, Dr. Henry  28 Sep 1885Russia I755


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 ASIMOV / MENDELEVA  Abt 1820Russia F3
2 ASIMOV / MICHELEVA  Abt 1850Russia F18
3 ASIMOV / UNKNOWN  Abt 1787Russia F4
4 ASIMOV / UNKNOWN  Abt 1860Russia F6
5 BERMAN / UNKNOWN  Russia F24
6 BERMAN / UNKNOWN  Abt 1890Russia F22
7 EISENBERG / HERSHFIELD  Abt 1897Russia F327
8 HERSHFIELD / OREL  Abt 1873Russia F292
10 MALKIN / UNKNOWN  Abt 1925Russia F359
11 OREL / ADLER  Abt 1855Russia F286
12 PEARLIN / HERSHFIELD  Abt 1910Russia F291
13 SCHEINER / POLLAKOFF  Abt 1886Russia F314
14 SHEINAUS / OREL  26 Aug 1884Russia F282

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