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  • Author Frank T. Cole 
    Publisher Columbus Ohio, 1887 
    Page 89 
    Periodical Early Geneologies of the Cole Families (Including Coles and Cowles), with some account of the descendants of James Cole, of Hartford, Connecticut 1635-1652, and of Thomas Cole of Salem, Massachusetts 1649-1672 
    Source Type Book 
    Source ID S506 
    Text The Long Island Family of Coles

    Robert Cole. The name is frequently spelled with an “s” in the old records. He came in the fleet of Winthrop in 1630, and was one of those who desired to be admitted freeman October 19, 1630, and he was admitted May 18, 1631.

    In 1632 it was ordered that two delegates be sent from each of the plantations to advise the Governor and assistants in regard to the raising of revenue, and he was one of the two sent from Roxbury. His drinking habits were opposed to the ideas of the Puritans, and he was several times fined. At length the following order was passed:

    “March 4, 1633: The court orders that Robert Coles, for drunkeness by him committed at Roxbury, shall be disfranchised, weare about his necke and soe to hange upon his outward garment a D made of redd clothe and sett upon white; to contynue this for a yeare, and not to leave it off any tyme when he comes amongst company, under penalty of XLs. for the first offense, and V pounds for the second, and after to be punished by the court as they think meet; also he is to weare the D outwards, and is enjoyned to appear at the next general court, and to contynue thise until it be ended.”

    The same month he went with the party under John Winthrop, Jr., to occupy Agawam (Ipswich), and begin the settlement of that town. He did not remain there long, and he may be the man mentioned in the will of Samuel Fuller, the elder, of Plymouth, July 30, 1633, as then residing with him in Plymouth.

    Savage says of him that he reformed his habits. He was one of the twelve men who joined Roger Williams in the settlement of Providence, in October, 1638. His lot in the division of the land was bounded west by the present Main street, east by Hope street, and on one other side by Meeting House street. (Annals of Providence, 33.) He was one of the founders of the first Church of Providence, March 16, 1639. (Arnold’s Rhode Island, 107.) He was one of the seventeen who purchased the Pautuxet meadows, and he made his home there.

    Three others were appointed with him as a committee to arbitrate disputes and to make rules of government, and their report was the compact signed by all the settlers. He became a friend of Samuel Gorton when he came to Providence, driven from Massachusetts by the intolerance of the authorities of that colony, and gave him part of his land. The actions of Gorton and his followers were such, however, as to cause the older settlers to wish to be free from them, and he, with four others, in September, 1642, appeared before the general court at Boston and yielded themselves up to the Massachusetts colony, which accepted jurisdiction and appointed the magistrates. (Arnold, 468.)

    The commissioners found the charge true, and promised to write Mr. Cole to return the money. (Ply. Col. Rec. X., 375.). He died before October, 1654, as on October 18 of that year the town council distributed his property in the way he should have made his will.

    The following orders refer to his estate:

    “Warwick, Rhode Island, June 11, 1656: The town council having formerly disposed of the estate of Robert Cole, late deceased, and having allotted out the portions of the children, ordered that the lands and meadows, together with the pasturage on the south side of the Pautuxet river and the north line bound of Warwick bound is allotted out for security of Nathaniel Cole, Robert Cole, and Sarah Cole, their portions amounting to the sum of six score pounds.

    “Further ordered, that the mill of Warwick being a part of the estate of Robert Cole, late deceased, is allotted out for security of Daniel Cole, his portion being £50.”

    He married Mary ----. After his death she married Mathias Harvey, and removed to Oyster Bay, Long Island, where she died.

    The children of Robert and Mary Cole were:

    2 i. John, b. ----
    3 ii. Daniel, b. ----
    4 iii. Nathaniel, b. ----
    5 iv. Robert, b. ----
    v. Ann, b. ---- ----; m. Henry Townsend (probably b. in England, and a son of Thomas Townsend of Lynn, 1639, and d. 1677). He was a freeman of Warwick, 1655, and settled at Oyster Bay, L.I.. He was probably a Quaker.
    vi. Elizabeth, b. ---- ----; married John Townsend, brother of above freeman of Warwick, 1655, and removed to Oyser Bay, L. I., at the same time with his brother, where he d. 1669. Their children were (but perhaps in different order):
    1. John
    2. Thomas
    3. Elizabeth
    4. James
    5. Sarah
    6. Ann
    7. George
    8. Daniel
    9. Rose, married John Wicks, Jr.
    vii. Sarah, b. ----

    John Coles (Robert). Born ---- ----. He owned land in Matinecock, Long Island. He probably died early in life, as his widow, Ann, on the eve of her marriage with William Lynes, deeded half her property to her son, Solomon, she having a life interest in the estate. January 1, 1683.

    6 i. Solomon

    Daniel Coles (Robert). Born ---- ----; died November 9, 1692. He is said by Savage to have moved from Warwick to Oyster Bay, Long Island, at the same time with his mother, step-father, and brothers-in-law. He married ----.

    His children were:
    7 i. Samuel, b ---- ----
    8 ii. Benjamin, b. ---- ----
    9 iii. Joseph, b. June 29 1717
    iv. Susanna, b. ---- ----; m. Joseph Latting.
    v. Sarah, b. ---- ----; m. Ichabod Hopkins
    vi. Dinah, b. ---- ----; m. Derick Albertson
    vii. Mary, b ---- ----; m. Geoarge Downing
    viii. Ann, b. ---- ----; unmarried

    Nathaniel Coles (Robert). He removed with his mother and brothers-in-law to Oyster Bay, Long Island. He afterwards lived in Hempstead, where he married, August 30, 1667, Martha Jackson. She died December 17, 1668, leaving one child.

    10 i. Nathaniel, b. Aug 24 1668

    Mr Coles married his second wife Deborah ----. Their children were (perhaps not in this order):

    11 ii. Caleb
    12 iii. Harvey
    iv. Martha

    Robert Coles (Robert). Mentioned in order of town council of Warwick, Rhode Island, 1656, relative to his father’s estate. He married Mercy, daughter of Nicholas and Ann Wright.

    Their children were:
    13 i. Nathan, b. March 18, 1672
    ii. Tamor, b ---- ----; m. Nathaniel Carpenter
    14 iii. John, b ---- ----.
    15 iv. Charles, b ---- ----.
    16 v. Robert, b. ---- ----.
    vi. Mercy, b. ---- ----.
    vii. Mary, b. ---- ----; m. William Thorneycraft

    Solomon Cole (John, Robert). On January 1, 1683, his widowed mother, on the eve of her marriage to William Lynes, deeded to him a half interest in the estate at Matinecock.

    Samuel Coles (Daniel, Robert).

    Benjamin Coles (Daniel, Robert)

    Joseph Coles (Daniel, Robert). The youngest son of Daniel Coles, was born in Oyster Bay, Long Island, June 29, 1713. He married Abigail, daughter of Daniel Hopkins (son of Ichabod above mentioned). She was born April 9, 1718.

    His children were:
    20 i. Benjamin, b. April 6, 1738
    No other sons; perhaps daughters.

    Nathaniel Coles (Nathaniel, Robert). The only child of Nathaniel Coles by his first wife, Martha Jackson, was born in Oyster Bay, Long Island, August 24, 1668. He married Rose, eldest daughter of John and Mary Wright. He died September 8, 1705.

    His only child was:
    21 i. Wright, b Sept 20, 104; d Feb 23, 1765.

    Caleb Coles (Nathaniel, Robert). Sony by second wife, Deborah ----, born ---- ----. His father deeded to him and his brother Harvey lands ad Duck Pond, in Oyster Bay, and also in other parts of the town, December 16, 1694. The brothers conveyed these lands to their half-brother, Nathaniel, March 29, 1704, and probably emigrated to some new region.

    Harvey Coles (Nathaniel, Robert) [See above]

    Nathan Coles (Robert, Robert). The eldest child of Robert and Mercy (Wright) Cole, born at Oyster Bay, March 18, 1672. He married February 21, 1691, Rachel Hopkins.

    John Coles (Robert, Robert).

    Charles Coles (Robert, Robert).

    Robert Coles (Robert, Robert).

    Benjamin Coles (Joseph, Daniel, Robert). The only son of Joseph Coles, was born on the paternal estate, a little south of Glen Cove, Long Island, April 6, 1738. After attending the common school in his native village, he was sent to Hempstead, where he studied the languages under Rev. Samuel Seabury, the rector of the church there. He pursued classical studies afterwards at New Haven, and finished at King’s College, New York, although it is believed he did not graduate.

    After being licensed to preach, he spent some time among the different churches of Long Island, and was first chosen pastor of the Baptist Church of New Haven, where he was for several years. From thence eh removed to New Jersey, and settled in the church at Hopewell, but the revolution breaking out, his patriotic feelings led him to accept the place of chaplain in the American army.

    At the dawn of peace he returned to his estate at Oyster Bay, and was soon after called to take charge of the church there, which had been without a pastor for more than thirty years. He discharged his pastoral duties with fidelity and usefulness, till within a few years of his death, devoting a portion of his time to the business of classical instruction. He married Mary, daughter of Derick Albertson, September 16, 1760. She was born February 24, 1741, and died February 8, 1812.

    Their children were:
    i. Rachel, b. ---- ----; m. James Hill, and lived near Trenton, NJ. Her children were:
    (i.) Benjamin, b. ---- ----.
    (ii.) Samuel, b. ---- ----.
    (iii.) Elizabeth, b. ---- ----; m. Enos Titus. Lived in New Jersey.
    (iv.) Mary, b. ---- ----; m. April 29, 1802, Benjamin, son of Sylvanus Townsend, of Oyster Bay.
    22 ii. James, b. March 15, 1763.
    iii. Charity, b. ---- ----.
    23 iv. Benjamin, b. ---- ----, and became a Baptist minister. (Thompson’s Hist. of Long Island, I., 498.)

    Wright Coles (Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Robert). The only son of Nathaniel and Rose (Wright) Coles was born in Oyster Bay, September 20, 1704, and died February 23, 1765. He married Sara Birdsall, who died May 18, 1799.

    Their children:
    24. i. Nathaniel, b. Aug 23, 1734.
    ii. Rosanna, b. ---- ----.
    25 iii. Freelove, b. ---- ----.
    iv. Martha, b. ---- ----.

    James Coles (Benjamin, Joseph, Daniel, Robert). Born March 15, 1763; married Amy, youngest daughter of Ananais Downing, June 9, 1784. He died March 15, 1825. His widow died. May 21, 1840.

    Their children were:
    i. Abigail, b. June 26, 1785; m (1) James Bennett, of New York, and (2) Stephen Craft, of Glen Cove.
    ii. Joseph, b. Feb. 17, 1787; m. Sarah, daughter of James Carpenter. He was a merchant in New York City, where he d. Feb 8, 1824.
    iii. Deborah, b. Sept. 8, 1791; m. James Benedict, a native of Conn., who had settled in New York City. He was several times a member of the Assembly, and was a stanch friend of DeWitt Clinton. He was for several years Maj. Gen. of Artillery in N.Y. He d. at Tarrytown, in Westchester county.
    iv. George D., b. June 9, 1795. He m. Phebe, daughter of James Carpenter. He was commonly known as Col. Coles, and in 1840 was living on the ancestral estate at Glen Cove.

    Nathaniel Coles (Wright, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Robert). He was born in Oyster Bay, August 23, 1734, and married Hannah, daughter of John Butler, who was the owner of three-fifths of the Island of Dosoris. Mr. Cole, about 1765, purchased the other two-fifths of Dosoris, and it has ever since been the residence of the Coles family. He was a man of great enterprise, and for several years held a commission in the peace. He died January 7, 1814. His wife born September 13, 1738, and died in her ninetieth year, January 17, 1828. In 1783, on the return of peace, Mr. Coles roasted an entire ox, and invited the neighborhood to partake of it.

    His children were:
    i. John Butler, b. Dec. 31, 1760; was for a long time a leading merchant of New York City. He was alderman, and a member of both branches of the Legislature. He d. Jan 2, 1827, leaving a late estate to his sons, John B. and William Coles.
    ii. Nathaniel, b. March 23, 1763. He is better known as Gen. Coles. He resided on West Island, and superintended two large mills erected by himself and his brother, John B, between the islands. He d. in March, 1824, leaving two sons, Nathaniel and Butler Coles, and several daughters.
    iii. Wright, b. ---- ----.
    iv. Oliver, b. ---- ----.
    v. Sarah, b. ---- ----.
    vi. Elizabeth, b. ---- ----.
    vii. Charlotte, b. ---- ----.
    viii. Mary, b. ---- ----.
    ix. Freelove, b. ---- ----. 
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    Family: COLES, Nathaniel / JACKSON, Martha 

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