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    Text William Edward McGuire. A tradition handed down in the McGuire family of Virginia credits them with ancient origin. The family first appeared in county Fermanagh of North Central Ireland, where it is said that in the latter part of the thirteenth century, one Don Carragh MacGuire overcame his neighboring chiefains, and thus made himself master of the whole county. (See Annals of the Four Masters). From that chieftain the latter McGuires of Fremanagh sprang, and they were the antecedents of the county Kerry branch, descendants of whom came to America and founded the Virginia family of that name.
          (I) James McGuire was living in county Fermanagh, Ireland, but owning to political or religious disturbances there in 1641 it is said he left his won native heath and settled near Tralee, McElligott parish, of county Kerry, in Southwest Ireland. Said James McGuire married Cecelia McNamara Reagh, had two sons, John Sigismund and Constantine. John Sigismund McGuire, son of James McGuire, entered the service of the Austrian army in which he had several kinsmen; he was lieutenant-governor of Dresden in 1760, Count of the Holy Roman Empire, and "Lieutenant-general in their Majesties service," which position enabled him to offer military commissions to his less fortunate kinsmen.
          (II) Constantine McGuire, son of James and Cecelia McNamara (Reagh) McGuire, was born presumably in county Kerry, Ireland. He married Julia McElligott, in county Kerry, who had issue, among others, a son whose record follows.
          (III) Edward McGuire, son of Constantine and Julia (McElligott) McGuire, was born about 1720, in county Kerry, Ireland. He was offered a commission in the Austrian army by his uncle, John Sigismund McGuire, and left home with the intention of entering that service, but was taken ill with the plague in Lisbon, where he met Bishop Carroll, of Maryland, who persuaded him to come to America. He was in Frederick county, Virginia, before 1747, the date of his first land grant, and was active in the Indian wars, and held a commission in the Fredericksburg line in 1775. He died near Winchester, Virginia, in 1806, and was buried under the old Catholic church in Winchester, which he built and gave to that denomination. He married Elizabeth Wheeler of Prince George county, Maryland, and left surviving issue.
          (IV) Edward (2) McGuire, son of Edward (1) McGuire, the immigrant, and Elizabeth (Wheeler) McGuire, was born in 1768, at or near Winchester, Frederick county, Virginia. He always lived in Winchester; was a merchant and had stores in Alexandria and Norfolk, Virginia; and in Wilmington, North Carolina. Also owned large farms in Frederick county and elsewhere in Virginia. In politics he was a Federalist, and was a member of the Episcopal church. He married Elizabeth Holmes, of Winchester, Virginia. They had issue, namely: Rebecca, Milicent, Hugh Holmes, Edward D., William David, of whom more hereafter; David Holmes, John.
          (V) Dr. William David McGuire, son of Edward (2) and Elizabeth (Holmes) McGuire, was born February 23, 1810, at Winchester, Frederick county, Virginia. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School as M. D. in 1830, and soon afterward began the practice of medicine at Winchester, Virginia, but after a few years gave up his profession and became a planter near Winchester. Before the civil war he was a Whig, but after the war a Democrat; served as presiding justice in the justice court of his county for some years. Died February 4, 1877, at or near Winchester, Virginia.
          He married (first) Lucy Catherine Ware, in 1833, who had issue several children of whom only one daughter lived to maturity, to wit: Elizabeth Holmes, born in 1834 in Clarke county, Virginia. He married (second) Nancy Boyd Moss, daughter of Captain William and Gertrude (Holmes) Moss, February 16, 1841, in Fairfax county, Virginia. She was born December 4, 1818, at Aspen Hill, Fairfax county, Virginia; her mother, Gertrude (Holmes) Moss, was a daughter of Colonel Joseph Holmes, of Winchester, Virginia, and her father, Captain William Moss, was a son of Ann Minor by Captain John Moss, of Fairfax county, Virginia, who was an officer in the revolutionary war. Said last mentioned John Moss was a son of Thomas Moss, of Fairfax county, Virginia, who was the son of Thomas Moss, of Westmoreland county, Virginia, and the latter a descendant of Edward Moss, of York county, Virginia, whose father came to Virginia in 1625, from Staffordshire, England. Dr. William David McGuire and his wife had eleven children, ow whom only the following mentioned survived to maturity, namely: Margaretta Holmes, born January 12, 1844; Nannie Wilmer, born May 30, 1854; Evelyn Parker, born November 7, 1857; William Edward, of whom more hereafter.
          (VI) Dr. William Edward McGuire, son of William David and Nancy Boyd (Moss) McGuire, was born March, 1860, at Norwood, near Berryville, in Clarke county, Virginia. He attended the Berryville Academy, and the Berryville High School, after which he studied medicine at the University of Virginia, and graduated therefrom as M. D. in 1886; however, prior to that time, he had spent three years as a civil engineer in the employ of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. After his graduation in medicine he began practice in Richmond, Virginia, where he has continued as a physician and surgeon since that time. He was at one time president of the Richmond Academy of Medicine at Richmond, Virginia; from 1894 to 1911, professor of gynecology in the University College of Medicine at Richmond, Virginia; professor of clinical medicine in the same institution from 1911 to 1913, and thereafter professor of clinical medicine in the Medical College of Virginia, at Richmond, Virginia. He is a member of the Virginia State Medical Society, the Southern Medical and Surgical Society, and of the American Medical Association. In politics he is a Democrat, and member of the Protestant Episcopal church, also of the Westmoreland Club, of Richmond, and of the Country Club of Virginia.
          Dr. McGuire married Mary Stuart McGuire, daughter of Dr. Hunter Holmes and Mary (Stuart) McGuire, October 9, 1894, at Richmond, Virginia. She was born 3, 1872, in Richmond, Virginia, and had a son, Hunter Holmes, born October 22, 1895, in Richmond, Virginia, was educated at the McGuire University School, at Richmond, Virginia, the Episcopal High School, near Alexandria, Virginia, and the University of Virginia.
          Dr. Hunter Holmes McGuire, father of Mary Stuart (McGuire) McGuire, was born in 1835, son of Dr. Hugh Holmes McGuire, of Winchester, Virginia, and Ann Eliza (Moss) McGuire. He also was a physician and surgeon in Philadelphia, and was connected with the Jefferson Medical College prior to 1861. When the civil war began, he, together with other southern students, went South, and he enlisted as a private in the Confederate army. Was appointed surgeon in the Second Virginia Regiment, Confederate States Army, afterward surgeon of the "Stonewall Brigade," and then medical director of Ewell's and of Early's corps. After the war, he went to Richmond, Virginia, where he practiced his profession. Was professor of surgery in the Medical College of Virginia, and founder of St. Luke's Hospital, of Richmond, also of the University College of Medicine there. He was president of the Medical Society of Virginia, the Southern Surgical Society, and of the American Medical Association.
          Dr. Hunter Holmes McGuire married Mary Stuart, daughter of Hon. Alexander H. H. Stuart, of Staunton, Virginia. They had children, namely: Stuart, of Richmond; Hugh Holmes; Mary Stuart, married Dr. William Edward McGuire; Frances Baldwin; Augusta Stuart, deceased; Giretta Holmes; Margaret. 
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